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A lot of this kind of game's hook for player to continue playing is to give them a peek into what will they unlock next. The sheer curiostiy is enough to drive players through the entire game and it can be evoked better by simply giving player what it takes to unlock the next "tech" but not what it does. But anyway, I enjoyed the surreal salmon herding experince, so good job.

This game was super funny and interesting. I liked how the salmon kinda just floated in this surreal space with just a toilet in the middle. The splash effect is super smooth. I was a bit confused because when I spawned into the game, the camera kind of went crazy and I couldn't see the toilet anymore, so perhaps slowing down the speed at which the camera moves would be nice. It was a bit unclear that I could move around the 3D space, so maybe just putting that in the game, that you can use WASD to move around would be nice. I know you mentioned there was no sound and music, but if you get the time adding sounds would be nice to help the player identify when a salmon is coming near them. Overall great work!

Super funny game. Only wish if there was a pointer at the center since there is some kind of hit box in the game, right...? Cuz nothing comes out when I walk to the front of the toilet and press space. The water effect looks nice and pretty!

This is a cool clicker take on the prompt! I love how you leaned into surreal visuals, and having this ocean of salmon above you be the currency is a really neat idea. It was rad to keep going to find the new items you could buy too and the effects they would have on your salmon count. I do like the idea of letting you move around in 3D, but that wasn't entirely clear at first which led me to just staring at the floor for a while. And your slow move speed combined with the sometimes very long distances the spawner objects spawn from you meant it never felt like walking had much point. I think if the enviroment was a little denser and smaller that mechanic may have worked better. But I wtruly watching all these salmon swim through the sky is a real joy, and the feeling a giant one breaking through the ground is great. Good job!

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I really like your concept of making a cliker game. The visual style is very interesting, I like how you group realistic figures together in a non-realistic way. My game did crash after several thousands of fish and I think one way you can fix it is maybe delete some of the fish once they fly too high and become too small to see? Maybe you just need to keep the fish's amount at 100 or so to make it looks like there are a lot of fish. Overall I like this game!